Forum Rules of Engagement

This site and forum was created for the benefit of all Danmark-Norge captains and as a supplement to the National TeamSpeak Server.

On the main page you can find information about the game, and updated diplomatic reports on our standing with other nations in-game. In the forums you can discuss the policies of Danmark-Norge and the events that affect our nation and play.

You are free from prying eyes as the forums are only accessible to players playing for Danmark-Norge. This is intended to allow free discussion within the nation, and coordinating between the nation’s clans, planning operations against our enemies and alongside our friends.

In this forum you also find where to submit evidence of misconduct by other players and actions in breach of ratified treaties. This will put you in contact with the nation’s diplomats who will bring it to the attention of the respective nations’ diplomats or consider whether it is a casus belli.

All clans and players of the Danmark-Norge faction are invited to register on this forum and make use of the facilities herein. No affiliation with the Danish-Norwegian Council is required to get full access to the forum.

If you need a usergroup and/or want a private forum for your clan-members in the Fleets section, make a request in this forumIf your clan already has a group and forum here, you can apply directly to join your clan’s group and have your clan leader or officer verify your membership.

Clan leader/officers may post a recruitment topic in the recruitment forum to promote your clan.

Independent captains of the nation should apply to be added to the «Privateer» usergroup in order to receive access.

Here are the rules you should heed when using this forum:

  1. Be nice. Treat others with respect and avoid flaming, spamming and any other actions which are disruptive to the forum or offensive to other members.
  2. Dedicated clan forums are monitored by the officers of a clan, and they may decide on any additional rules concerning that forum.
  3. The official languages of this site are English and Russian. Please respect that not everybody writes English equally well, or at all. English and Russian language is used interchangeably. Google Translate is your friend.
  4. Clan leaders decide which languages are used in a clan’s own subforums. In addition there are 2 open subforums dedicated to communication in Russian and the Scandinavian languages respectively. Should the need arise more language forums may be created.
  5. Clan leaders/officers may request additional subforums be added to their clan forum in order to accommodate structuring the conversations.