Peace in the Antilles

The nations of Denmark-Norway, Sweden, France, and the Verenigde Provinciën have signed a formal agreement of peace in the Antilles. The treaty is as limited as possible, to not unduly limit the actions of our captains, yet at the same time protect the borders of each signatory nation.   The full treaty can be found

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Treaty of the Antilles
Captain, You are hereby informed that an agreement has been arrived at by the nations of Danmark-Norge, France, Sverige and Verenigde Provinciën ending the war in the Eastern Antilles. The full worded text of the treaty is enclosed below. A summary detailing the consequences of the treaty will be dispatched shortly, TREATY OF THE ANTILLES, COMMERCE AND FREE [...] Read more
Ceasefire on the Eastern front

A limited and temporary ceasefire has been agreed upon with Sweden to accommodate the ongoing diplomatic talks between our nations. The ceasefire only affects the opportunity of each nation to bring conquest flags against the other. The ceasefire is in effect as of June 21st and until negotiations are concluded or broken off. A similar

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