Dissolution of the TREATY OF THE ANTILLES
 Declaration of the end of THE TREATY OF THE ANTILLES, COMMERCE AND FREE NAVIGATION The here signed nations France, Danmark-Norge, Sverige and Verenigde Provinciën, parties to the The Treaty of the Antilles, Commerce and Free Navigation, as ratified on June 24th, 1716, hereby declare in unison the mutual understanding that the Treaty shall be officially [...] Read more
Diplomatic Dispatch
Diplomatic Dispatch The here bellow included letter shall be handed out to every officer of the Danish-Norwegian navy setting sail from Christiansted, St. Croix and lists the current relationships of our sovereign, King Christian VII, to the other navies operating in the Caribbean. Diplomatic Relations of Danmark-Norge France - ALLIANCE no hostile actions France is [...] Read more
Peace in the Antilles

The nations of Denmark-Norway, Sweden, France, and the Verenigde Provinciën have signed a formal agreement of peace in the Antilles. The treaty is as limited as possible, to not unduly limit the actions of our captains, yet at the same time protect the borders of each signatory nation.   The full treaty can be found

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Ceasefire on the Eastern front

A limited and temporary ceasefire has been agreed upon with Sweden to accommodate the ongoing diplomatic talks between our nations. The ceasefire only affects the opportunity of each nation to bring conquest flags against the other. The ceasefire is in effect as of June 21st and until negotiations are concluded or broken off. A similar

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Dutch Treason

To all our captains, be hereby informed that our former Dutch allies have now betrayed us. Being allied and supposedly in good standing as recently as yesterday, they have now not only disavowed our alliance, but betrayed it and declared war on us. This is treachery of the very highest order and reveals the untrustworthy

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Ongoing talks with the Dutch

We have ongoing diplomatic talks with the representatives of Verenigde Provinciën. To accommodate those talks and show our good faith we ask that our players drop Dutch players as targets of PvP in the Ile-a-Vache PvP-area. After long talks going into the early mornings we have come to what we consider a friendly understanding with

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