National Teamspeak Server

We host a 512-slot TeamSpeak3-server. You will find it here:

This TeamSpeak is intended to function as a National Teamspeak for all of Danmark-Norge. Any captain hoisting the «Dannebrog», the white cross, on behalf of the Danish Crown should feel most welcome to join our server.
Every clan of Danmark-Norge is encouraged to make a home on the server. There is no requirement to take any part in, or respect the diplomatic meta-game. Any Danmark-Norge clan wishing access will be accepted. The Danish-Norwegian Council has no standing regarding who will have access to this Teamspeak. You may use this server as your primary Teamspeak, or as a secondary one to keep up with the rest of the nation.
To get access for your clan and your players, make a topic in our forum here, or contact Anolytic to have a server group with access created and a dedicated channel for your clan.
Clan leaders and clan officers will get permissions to edit their channels and grant server access to their clan-members.
Independent captains, not committed to any clan, are equally welcome to take part. A privateer server group has been created to grant access to the server for unaffiliated players. Rooms have also been set aside for their use.
  1. Keep civil and be tolerant of other players on the server. Respect that players have different mother tongues and have varying levels of English proficiency, and some do not speak English at all.
  2. The number of rooms a clan can have of their own will be based on the number of active players in the clan. The concern is to keep the server tidy and equally to give each clan their space.
  3. When organising PvP-events, conquest and port battle actions, clans should move out of their own channels and into the appropriate common rooms to allow players from other clans to take part and help out.
  4. Danmark-Norge players come from multiple countries and speak many different langauges. Each clan decides the language preferences and rules of their own dedicated channels. Please respect this and do not barge into the channels of other clans without cause.
  5. This is a dual language server. The War Rooms and all common rooms have two primary languages: English and Russian. To coordinate between players speaking either language there will usually be a translator present. Please keep non-essential talk in either language to a minimum to allow important messages to be translated. Using any other language should be avoided to respect other players that would be excluded.
  6. In the War Rooms, keep talk to a minimum. When organising big fleets coordination is essential, and only those messages which help this should be transmitted.
  7. In the War Rooms, the Battle Commander(s) have the first word and should be listened to. Second-guessing tactics will have to wait till after a battle has ended.